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Nindiya®, is the flagship brand of Anand Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd which offers a wide variety of sleeping system products like Polyurethane Foam Articles, viz Foam Sheets, cushions, rebounded foam, peeling foam; Mattresses, Sofa-cum-Beds, Cushions, Pillows, Quilts and Bolsters; is a household name in North India. As a brand that has devoted more than 20 years in developing innovative sleeping systems, we completely understand that every individual's level of comfort is personalized. And to substantiate our understanding, we have developed products with the option of customization to suit the comfort need of every individual.

Through meticulous sleep research, innovative designs and cutting edge technologies, each one of our products are scientifically developed to aid better sleep and create the 'comfort factor'.

20 Years of Trust

  • R & D
  • Quality Assurance
  • Packaging Standard
  • After Sales Service
Leaving guesswork behind when it comes to our customer's comfort, through 20 years our R & D team has developed every product through meticulous scientific research on foams and understanding of the human sleeping patterns and environments.
After the manufacturing process, our products are rigorously tested for pressure, elasticity and resilience to assure that they meet the highest global quality standards.
Our world class automated packaging machinery ensure that the products  are packed free from any external bodies and air tight to reassure that the hygiene and superior quality of our products are maintained.
At Nindiya, our primary consideration is our customers' happiness. If you are not entirely satisfied with your Nindiya mattress - for whatever reason, please reach us immediately on our customer care number and we shall address your concern with utmost sincerity.
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